John Florence putting together his Florence Impact Suit before the Eddie Invitational

Research & Development

A first look at new gear we’re working on.

Giving you transparency into the design process is a really important priority for our team. We think it’s valuable to know where your gear is coming from, why it’s being made and the journey it’s been on.

We’ll be periodically updating this to share new concepts currently in development and to give you an opportunity to share your thoughts.

18 year old Stu Jeremias tests an early proto of the tights during the Molokai to Oahu 32 mile race.



"At FLORENCE, innovation is insight.By observing what some of the most elite athletes are doing and the gear they are using, we gain invaluable knowledge.

Distance paddlers not only protect themselves from sun, chafe, and the elements with full length tops, but full length bottoms as well. We used that research to embark on a development project to find a high performance solution for protecting the lower torso in extreme activities and environments in and around water. It might seem like a simple product, but when you are in gear for multiple hours/sessions at a time, everything matters. Every detail must be obsessed in order to find the ideal balance of peak performance. When working with our Test Pilots on this project, we focused on the ideal weight of the fabric, amount of compression, seam placement for range of motion and comfort, and even down to the type of thread used in the construction of the garment."

Bruce Moore, Director of Innovation & Sustainability

14-year-old Toa Pere sits down with FLORENCE Head of Innovation, Bruce Moore, to provide priceless feedback on making the best tights to endure long paddles.

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