Membership FAQs

Below you’ll find answers to some common questions around what you get out of your membership. If you’re not getting the answer(s) you need, email us at

Earn Rewards
Earn 10% rewards on your purchases.*

Money Back
At sign-up you get $20 of credit on a future purchase.

Member Exclusive Gear
Limited edition products only members can buy.

First Access
Get first access to new products and exclusive content.

Member Events
Paddling, surfing, climbing, sailing, diving and more.

Free Returns
We'll cover the cost of returns on all orders.

Special Sales
Get exclusive access to sales.

Test Pilot Program
Members can apply to join our elite wear-testing program.

Protect Our Planet
A portion of your membership cost goes towards protecting the places we explore. Learn more about the current initiative here.

And More...

A one-time $20 sign-up cost means you’re a member for life and you’ll receive a $20 credit to be used on a future purchase.

For now, Florence membership is available in the US, Australia, Europe and UK, but we’re actively working towards more availability and we’ll keep you updated.


With your membership you will receive a 10% credit on participating products you purchase that will be added to your membership account balance.

Certain products are excluded from the 10% rewards. Those are items on the product page in the description.

If you retain a balance in your membership account you will be prompted at checkout to use your accrued credit against your purchase.

• No. Your rewards are solely applicable towards online purchases, and do not retain any cash value outside online store credit. 

• Rewards are only redeemable for merchandise and are not transferable.

Your rewards balance will expire 365 days after your most recent purchase, but your membership will remain intact. 

If your rewards have been issued (or is in the process of being calculated), then that amount is deducted from the purchase price.


Find our terms and conditions here.