Pipe Pro - Finals Day

Pipe Pro - Finals Day
Finals Day at the Pipeline. The bike path is bustling – a mix of legends of our sport and spectators hoping for a glimpse of their favorite surfer. It's the definition of a spectacle, and to Test Pilot & Florence Photography Fellow Arto Saari was there to capture it through a different lens.

Lauryn Cribb Pipe Pro
Alex Florence Pipe Pro Photo Arto Saari
Erik Knutson Photo Arto Saari
John Florence
John Florence - Kanaka Solutions
Kelly Slater
John Florence About to Paddle Out
Kelly and Ross
Pipe Pit Crew
Florence Ohana
Preparation is the key to success
John at Pipe
John sliding into one at Pipe
John driving at Backdoor
John Mindblown
John John about to paddle out
Kids at play
Congrats Caity
Congrats Barron


  • Ry Rademacher

    Some of the scrappiest heats I’ve ever seen. I wonder if the TEST PILOTS knew the gear would ever see such combat! Thanks FLORENCE Marine for sponsoring the event and producing top tier equipment. Congrats to all the athletes

  • Daniel Maruniak

    Awesome photos Arto! Stoked to see the north shore through your lens.

  • Umberto

    What a spectacle … followed as much as possible from Italy. Loved the handshake with Leo. You are a champion of human being!

  • Ken

    Nice photos, nice day & your still #1

  • Chance Barber

    Great photos! Excellent job of sharing this special day.

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